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Ticket to Somewhere

Beau One

Cover Ticket to Somewhere

About the song

We all pretend to be going Somewhere, but that happens to be Anywhere or even Nowhere. Nowhere man, the famous Beatles song was the inspiration.

Just like in that song, Beau One is playing around with the meaning of Somewhere, because everybody wants to go Somewhere but nobody really knows where that even is. Life and its destinations can be very tricky. The song was first recorded with an acoustic guitar and one voice and now 10 years later rerecorded with a full band.

About Beau One

Beau One was born in the early sixties. The first band he played in was formed by his brother and was named Frozen Fire. Beau was 7, his brother 12. Both young boys were inspired by the Beatles, but just a few years later they discovered the blues. Bands like Chicken Shack, Led Zeppelin, Santana and early Fleetwood Mack were absorbed. When Beau discovered Pink Floyd ’s Dark side of the moon, he knew that music would be his passion forever. It was 1975.

In the year 1981 Beau One left to France to go busking. Over a period of 6 years, that’s what he did for a living, at first alone, later with the band One Night Stand. The band played in small clubs and on the streets, quite everywhere in Europe.

In 1987 the band B-System was formed. This funkrock band performed around 50 gigs on a period of nearly two years. They produced one single: Hot Lover.

In 1988 Beau One joined A Split Second. The band had a hit with the song Flesh and toured the whole world.

Around the same time the band ASI SEA was formed but it would take some time before they became a real band.

In 1995 the CD ‘These Days’ was released.  Some of the tracks made it to the radio on a regular basis, but the CD never sold more than a few thousand copies.

Asi Sea would continue until 2013.

In the year 2014 Beau One wrote his first solo CD, Almost Naked. The idea was to go back to the basics, and use one acoustic guitar, and one voice only. The CD never made it to the radio but was sold quite well on the gigs.

Two years ago, Beau One started a new project with Fran Devos, this time in his own language, Dutch.

Meanwhile he is working on new songs for a solo record.

To be very much continued.


I bought myself a ticket to Somewhere, a place I never heard of before
It came out of Nowhere, and now I need to know more

We’re going to Somewhere, yeah yeah yeah

There’s plenty of room or at least, that’s what I heard
So why don’t you join me?
We could have lots of fun on the road to Somewhere, some call it Nowhere, but I don’t care

We’re going to Somewhere, yeah yeah yeah

Well I got a ticket, I bought one for two, yeah
So if I ever make it, I’d rather make it with you


Well it’s been years since we travelled through Nowhere
We could be Anywhere
But the crowd’s ok, I guess we all found a way to pretend we’re already there
In Somewhere
We’re going to Somewhere, yeah yeah yeah


Beau One


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